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Dispelling Myths About Dry Pet Food

Dry pet foods are NOT necessarily safer than raw meat food


First of all, dry pet foods have more recalls for Salmonella and other bacterial & fungal contaminants than any other type/form of food. Secondly, dogs are essentially carnivores and cats are strict (or obligate) carnivores which means both species are evolutionarily designed to eat raw meat.

This is not to say that a raw food diet is appropriate for every pet, as individual health status, age and other factors must be considered. But in general, most younger and healthy animals will do far better with less processed or even fully raw foods. As a matter of fact, carnivore species have a naturally high concentration of HCL (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach as a safeguard against bacterial infection as well as to aid in the digestion of high protein diets.

Our pets were evolutionarily designed to be eating raw/fresh foods, yet most people are still under the impression that dry and over-processed foods are safer and better for cats and dogs. I can tell you with clinical experience that this is simply not true. Many pets thrive and become healthier once introduced to fresher food options.

But be sure to discuss specific recommendations for your pet with a holistic veterinarian.

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