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Bone Broth

As many of you know, Dr. Kangas is very passionate about food medicine and healing with nutrition. She has a list of several medicinal foods that she recommends regularly for most dogs and cats too (if they cooperate!).

We would like to highlight a food item that Dr. Katie likes to call “a healing potion”.

aka: Bone Broth! This traditional food actually provides a wide array of health benefits, but it has definitely become Dr. Katie’s favorite joint supplement! In fact, bone broth contains an impressive list of nutrients including gelatin/collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glycine, proline, and lots of important minerals.

Check out this list of great reasons to add bone broth into the diet regularly:

  • Helps to heal gut (gastrointestinal) inflammation- i.e. “leaky gut syndrome”.

This a huge issue! and is thought to be the root cause of allergies and many disease problems.

  • Assists the liver in detoxification.

Bone Broth provides precursors to powerful antioxidants, such as Glutathione.

  • Reduces inflammation.

Chondroitin sulfate, glycine and proline all provide anti-inflammatory action.

  • Helps relieve joint & muscle pain.

Glycine and proline are amino acids that help to build muscle, repair tissues, and reduce inflammation. Recent studies have shown that bone broth can provide almost immediate relief for joint pain!

  • Boosts the immune system.

Provides amino acids & minerals that increases antioxidant capacity in the body

  • Provides many important minerals: such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.

And increases mineral absorption through the gut by promoting gut health.

  • Aids digestion.

Assists the body to break down proteins and fats for assimilation.

  • Improves skin tone & elasticity.

Via collagen and other amino acids.

  • Strengthens bones, tendons, ligaments & muscles.

Helps prevent atrophy in aging animals (& people).

  • Promotes sound sleep / better sleep quality and improved memory.

Glycine plays an important role in neurotransmitters which impact brain health.

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