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My Dog Is Limping, What Can I Do?

Some injuries are subtle and show very few symptoms. Some injuries are immediate and due to some type of traumatic episode. All injuries will affect the muscle and skeletal system, which will then impact the nerves causing pain or weakness somewhere in the rest of the body.

First the dog may begin to show signs of:

  • Postural Distortion or weakness

  • Limping

  • Holding the legs up due to discomfort or pain

  • Arching up of the spine known as 'roaching'

  • Walking shorter distances

  • Getting up or down slower than usual

These are a few of the signals letting us know that our dog is imbalanced and looking for a way to ease up or relieve a certain feeling of pain or discomfort.

VOM is a technique that addresses the pain cycle with a gentle and non-force way to help:

  • Create a better blood flow to the muscle and joints to relieve pain.

  • To reduce the inflammation very quickly

  • To balance out the abnormal stress put on the nervous system by postural imbalances

  • To relax the spinal the spinal muscles and allow the spine to regain its flexibility

  • To enhance the coordination of the muscles and skeletal system

  • To regain a more playful and enigmatic way of movement

If you have any questions or concerns, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Harrison. He is glad to assess your dog and their level of discomfort.

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