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Water Is An Essential Nutrient

Water is the most essential nutrient that the body requires on a daily basis!

In fact, our pets bodies and our bodies are literally 70% water. Of course, this means that maintaining good health requires proper hydration. But it is also important to supply the body with clean water.

What type of water is your pet drinking?

Did you know that tap water contains multitudes of toxins, heavy metals, hormones, and many traces of drugs?

In fact, most water sources are tested for only about 60 different compounds, yet there are known to be more than 200 potential contaminants identified in various water sources.

Even in areas of the world where the water source is cleaner than most, the delivery of water through pipes and plumbing systems adds additional contaminants as well. This means that piped in tap water is never going to be clean water.

Providing your pets with a clean, fresh and pure water source will help them to thrive in better health! Their liver and kidney organs will be less taxed with the daily workload they already face, and their immune system will be stronger and less reactive to ongoing stressors with a decreased toxin burden to deal with.

See future blog posts for a discussion on the various types of purified water and their benefits or limitations.

Up next:

What types of purified water are best for our pets and for us?

Choices include: carbon filtered (Britta pitchers), reverse osmosis (RO), distilled water, alkaline water, structured water, etc.

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