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Jackie has had a family acupuncture practice in San Diego for nearly 25 years. She has dedicated her life to healing work and educating people on how natural and western medicine can work together for the best result. After graduating from acupuncture school, she apprenticed with a Taiwanese master of acupuncture for eight years, gaining graduate studies in acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qigong, meditation and Feng Shui. In addition to her degree in Chinese medicine, she has a B.A. and two years toward a M.A. with certifications in Reiki healing and Qigong. Recently she began her studies with Healing Touch and plans to complete the program as a certified practitioner. Jackie has appeared on local television on several occasions, speaking about the value of Chinese medicine, had her own radio show called 'Pathways to Vitality" and hosted a local internet radio show about health and healing. She's an editor for an acupuncture textbook and has written several articles on how Chinese medicine addresses specific conditions. Although Jackie lives in the big city of San Diego with her two kitties, E and Nefertiti, she is at heart a country girl from a small town in southwest Virginia with a big message and passion about the power of natural medicine.

Ms. Bensinger's treatment style is a body, mind, spirit approach that is personalized according to each patient's needs. According to the National Institute of Health, controlled acupuncture trials have proven efficacy for over 30 conditions. After administering over 75,000 acupuncture treatments, Jackie has found that patients receive relief for over 60 conditions ranging from anxiety to insomnia and pain to hot flashes. Her specialties encompass the treatment of pain, immune and stress-related disorders and female and male infertility. Her practice includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, antioxidant supplements, nutritional guidance, medical Qigong treatments and the use of the Class 1 medical device called the Bemer, best known for increasing small vessel blood flow. For dealing with grief, loss, big life changes, Jackie also does release treatments in the shamanic tradition using saging, feathers, drumming and rattles. She does intuitive readings for the public and works with law enforcement and private detectives to help find missing animals, children and adults. To improve the energy flow for health, prosperity and relationships at home and at work, Jackie performs Feng Shui consultations to clear negative or old energy and she does space clearings.

Jackie will be available for appointments every other Friday at the IVC office in Sorrento Valley.

Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac.

Vibrational Healing Arts


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Through a unique integration of communication, energy healing, information and guidance, she empowers you to enjoy the greatest possible relationship with your animal family.  
Working with Kerri in subtle energy realms can facilitate and accelerate healing on every level: 
• Behavioral

• Physical

• Emotional/Mental

• Spiritual 
Working in harmony with your animal family’s other providers, Kerri will guide you to understand your animal’s needs more clearly and empower you to make choices with confidence. The result is wellness for your animal family through wellness in your communication and relationships with them.


For over twenty-five years she has worked with rescued animals, breeding programs, veterinarians, trainers, therapists, teachers, leaders and healers. Her contribution to each situation is to bring a tangible and effective form of healing through communication and heart-generated energy. 
Kerri has a BS from UC Davis in Animal Science with emphasis in Equine Management and Reproduction. 
Her writing has been published in Species Link, the journal for Animal Communication and Wake-Up World, an Australian blog for a new paradigm of humanity. 
She has published two books which are available on amazon: “Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance” and “A Sense of Self.” Her third book, an autobiography written to help others recognize their own gifts, will be available in early 2019.
Much of Kerri’s life has been dedicated to learning how to communicate with people as effectively as with animals. The result is a unique and effective approach to helping people and animals live in wellness, know how to reduce their own anxiety, and communicate clearly with one another. It generates harmony in our relationships and our lives. 
Kerri works closely with trainers, healers, therapists and other professionals to assist their clarity and enhance their ability to serve their clients. Everybody learns, everybody benefits.

Kerri Lake


$60/30 min


Robbin Lynn has spent the past decade specializing in helping people understand and navigate all the latest methods for realizing the maximum benefits cannabis and CBD has to offer.

She is a Certified Cannabis Specialist (CCS) and has completed coursework in clinical cannabinoid medicine from the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Robbin’s main expertise of the cannabis plant is from a biochemical point of view: what compounds are present and how they interact with the endocannabinoid system. She is expert in CBD and highly skilled in cannabinoid therapies and products, their safe use and proper dosing and she is passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Through helping more than 10,000 people (most over the age of 50) and over 1,000 pets, she imparts cannabis knowledge in simple to understand terms to facilitate safe use for maximizing desired results. An educator at heart, Robbin challenges herself to learn something new every single day.

She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, International Association for Cannabis as Medicine, American Cannabis Nurses Association, Association of Cannabis Professionals, Americans for Safe Access, NORML and Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access.

Prior to 2008, Robbin spent her career as a marketing executive building start-up technology businesses in San Diego county.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, flying with her son and curling up with her cats to read her favorite science fiction stories or the latest cannabinoid research.

Robbin Lynn, MBA CCS

One Minute Cannabist


Pet Consult BASIC $45

Pet Consult PLUS $79
Pet Consult ELITE $149

It's possible for you to experience total freedom, love and connection with your dog, by reclaiming healthy authority. San Diego now has hundreds of happy relationships from our customized Doggy Dialogue training.

Leanna Gregory


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