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EMF Protection (IVC Journal) by Dr. Kangas

Do Grain Free Diets Really Cause Heart Disease
by Dr. Kangas

Acupuncture for Dogs by Karen Becker (Mercola)

Foods That Invite This Epidemic of Nutrition Related Disease
by Dr. Becker

Oral Health (Dogs Naturally) by Dr. Kangas

Toxic Foods (Dogs Naturally) by Dr. Kangas

Oral Health (AHVMA Journal) by Dr. Kangas

Review of Oxidative Stress and The NRF2 (Protandim) by Dr. Kangas

9 Healthy Foods for Dogs
by Dr. Kangas
Natural Ways to Repel Fleas and Ticks
by Dr. Becker (Mercola)
Vaccine Protocols
by Lisa Rodier from Whole Dog Journal,
How your dog’s gut microbiome affects his behavior
by Dr. Katie Kangas
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